Sunday, 23 January 2011

Not a good start

Ok. Somehow i already messed it up. But im determined. I will keep trying.

Anyway. Im getting ready to leave for India in about 10 days. I have never been to India and I am so excited and scared i can hardly stand it. I know nothing about the country. Seriously. Nothing. One of the people going with us is an Indian friend of mine and when i asked him if i needed to.wear a head covering and cover my face he asked me where I thought I was going? He then informed me that India is not Muslim (duh me!) That it was Hindu. Ummmm. Right? The difference is????? Yea, i know i should know this stuff but hey. Im learning. Hell, when i first moved to London I thought England wss the same size as America. I know, I should have paid more attention in World History. Ok. Lesson learned on both counts. So now i am googling the heck out of India and finding out as much as i can. If there is a counter intelligence agency somewhere monitoring me, please note, Im not stupid or a threat, just American. Southern American at that.

Not that all southern American people are thick or uninformed I just happen to be all of the above.

Ok. So Im excited. And Im nervous, and i will keep posting as to how i am dealing with both of those.emotions.

So. Whats it all about? This week its going to be about education.

What Im learning about India.
What Im learning about myself.
What Im learning about the difference between the two.

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